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Who We Are

Mensa is an international society whose members have scored in the top 2% of the population on a qualifying test. Mensa is not-for-profit and has no religious affiliation. Requests for information or applications for membership are welcome. Opinions expressed on these pages are those of the author(s) and do not represent Mensa.

Cleveland Area Mensa (fondly known as CAM) encompasses the North Coast of Ohio, with members as far east as Ashtabula, as far west as Sandusky and as far south as ... (see other links below for neighboring Mensa area groups). We have regular get-togethers to talk, laugh, and enjoy the company of other intelligent individuals. Want to join?

The CAM Executive Committee

You may already be qualified to join Mensa, if you have scores from any one of many tests that are accepted as proof of being in the top 2%. Click here to go to a partial list of commonly accepted tests and qualifying scores. (This will take you to the American Mensa website. Use your back button to return here).

If you don't have prior proof, you may take a test (for a small fee) that may qualify you. Contact the Testing Coordinator for further details when and where the next CAM qualifying test will be.